To Fall Is Not To Fail!

To fall does not mean to fail!

Most of us can relate to a “failure” where miracles beyond our imagination were to follow… the loss of a high paying position that resulted in your pursuing a dream of opening your own business, the breakup that resulted in your learning to love yourself, the illness that resulted in your choosing to live life rather than merely exist…however big or small, we have all experienced this to some degree!

And, yet, while we know it to be true, the ego still wants to label, to classify!  “You failed!”  It’s the mind’s sneaky way of keeping us mediocre rather than allowing us to be the greatness we were so perfectly designed to be.   Instead of defining a fall as “a fail”…could you retrain your mind to define a fall as “being brought back to awareness”?

In nutrition and with our diets, our minds often whisper things like, “Well you already drank that beer – you’ve failed for today; might as well just have another and start tomorrow!”  Sound familiar?  The problem is that often times tomorrow never comes!  There is no time like the present!  Even if you have just eaten the world’s biggest piece of cake, you can choose to bring awareness to that decision…and to make a different choice regarding what you put into your body next.  You are not a prisoner to your actions and thoughts; you are in control of them!   You have not failed, you have only been brought back to a place of awareness…of what you want for yourself and your health!

When my clients ask if they should be keeping a food diary, I encourage them to keep a food awareness journal instead.  What this means is that rather than only writing down what you eat and keeping yourself within certain nutrition guidelines, you write down how that food made you feel emotionally and spiritually.  This can be an hour or so after eating, or you can journal about your entire day’s intake at the end of the day.  You may be surprised at how much your nutritional choices are affecting your emotional and spiritual health as well as your physical health!

Next time you fall, choose the path of awareness…and know that you were created for greatness!

Wishing you presence and clarity,


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