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I have always tried to be aware and serve healthy meals to my family.  Carrie gave me the knowledge to expand upon that awareness of what I was putting into our bodies when she did my pantry cleanout and grocery store tour.  I now feel confident that the meals I am serving are balanced, whole, and clean meals to “fuel” our bodies and not just “fill” our bellies!  The best part is the food is delicious!  I love getting her meal plans and cooking tips to keep our selection diverse while helping us stay on track!  Thank you Carrie for changing our lives and the way we look at food!

As a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 23 years who tries to eat holistically, I struggled to find a nutritionist with the credentials and knowledge I was seeking.  Carrie has been amazing and helped me so much by giving me a new perspective on nutrition and healthy eating.  I’ve learned to listen to by body and feed it the nutrient-dense foods it is craves.  Carrie is extremely knowledgeable about incorporating all aspects of health.

Carrie was able to work with me to create a plant-based meal plan without overloading it with carbohydrates!

by Elizabeth on The Sanctuary Dietitian

Carrie has helped me completely transform my shopping, cooking, and eating habits.  I was skeptical of the “organic” movement at first.  I was skeptical of the cost it would add to my monthly grocery store bill as well as the task of getting my husband and children on board with a drastic change in lifestyle.  It wasn’t easy at first, but I immediately saw drastic improvement in my psoriasis and my family enjoys the healthy options I prepare for them on a daily basis.  I feel a sense of reward knowing our decision to make the change is both for our present and future health.

As a professional, wife, and mother of two striving to maintain muscle tone and strength while staying lean I have routinely incorporated Isagenix shakes into my lifestyle.  This was an easy way for me to achieve an optimal meal of undenatured whey protein with complex carbohydrate.   Eventually the redundancy of this routine had me craving more variety and options in my diet.  Carrie was able to work with me to create a meal plan around my lifestyle, still leaving shakes as an option but adding more variety.  After following her meal plan my energy level went up and my clothes began to fit better!  She truly takes your lifestyle into account.

Carrie is amazing!  For the past two years, I have had to adjust my diet as I aged.  Carrie does an excellent job of recommending proteins and complex carbohydrates that are healthy and also satisfying and delicious.  I am very pleased with the options that she has given me since I like variety in my diet.  She has shown me I can select tasty options at each meal and also for snacks.