Summer Kitchen Clearing!

Summer Kitchen Clearing

Only a couple of years ago, as I was making a soup one night a friend pointed out that I was angry and suggested that the entire batch should be thrown out so that the energy of the “angry” soup would not be absorbed by those who would be eating it!  I had never given consideration to the energy of the space in which I create and consume my nutrition, and the energy in which I put into that nourishment.  I must confess that in my previous state of consciousness I had served up quite a few angry, resentful, and ungrateful dishes.  I began thinking more about clearing the energy of my kitchen just as you would for your quiet space or any other space you may hold sacred to your peace and growth.

In my nutrition practice, I answer questions throughout the day and coach clients on what they should be putting into their body and the timing of fueling their body!  While the contents going into your body are vitally important and can be life altering, the intention behind what you are putting into your body and the space in which you create it are equally as important.  You’ve heard it said, “The universe is eavesdropping on your every intention!”

Consider a time when you may have gone out with friends to drink champagne and eat cake in celebration of a birthday; contrast that with a time you may have gone out to drink champagne and eat cake because you were feeling down and reaching for an emotional bandaid to treat a hemorrhage.  You consumed the same two treats, with very different intentions – one coming from a place of love, the other coming from a place of fear!  The same could be true of joyfully choosing to eat a delicious plant-based lunch out of love and respect for the temple that houses your soul, rather than looking at yourself in the mirror, verbally or mentally assaulting yourself, and deciding you “need” to eat a low calorie plant-based lunch.  It’s the exact same meal, served by two very different intentions!

Your mood, your intention – everything is coming together to create the energy in your kitchen.  Get real with yourself about what your intention is!  Be kind to yourself – in life and in the kitchen!  If cooking always feels like a chore, simplify what you’re cooking!  Mother Nature is my own personal chef de’ cuisine, making my role very simple and low stress!

Your kitchen is a sacred place where your body and soul are fueled daily.  Clear the energy of your kitchen!  Throw out any old pots and pans that may bring back toxic memories!  Declutter your counter tops!  Organize your pantry!  Throw out foods that do not “love” you!  Burn sage!  Use your kitchen to spread your blessings to others!  Create a nurturing environment within your kitchen to heal, and bloom!  “As sure as you body is digesting food, your soul is digesting experience.”

Make this a practice that you pass down to through generations – the “Summer Kitchen Clearing!”  And never forget to add the most nourishing ingredient to your family “Guecipes” – LOVE!

Wishing you joyful soups and peaceful teas!


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