Peace, Love, and Light

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was feeling discouraged about an investment of his time and money that was not generating the return he desired. In that moment, I shared with him that seeds I planted in my early twenties are just now blooming. Often we look back at the seeds we’ve planted as useless or dead; they are still there if they were planted with loving intentions!

Seeds cannot flourish without love and light. I look back at the darkest time in my life where there was literally spiritual and even physical suffocation – a drought of all joy and creativity. When you are choosing darkness over light, nothing will flourish.

Yes, I said I chose that darkness – that self-accountability can be tough and empowering all at once, depending on which angle you are approaching it.  Everything is a choice – consciously or subconsciously. I would not be the person I am today without the lessons I attracted into my life to show me the places that needed healing. The universe will continue to bring lessons in the form of circumstances; and now I can accept life circumstances as the lessons that they are rather than getting bogged down in the drama and reaching back down into the darkness. It’s only when we do not take the lessons out of the circumstances that the patterns continue to repeat themselves in our lives.

I read a spiritual quote several weeks ago that said, “You can go willingly, or you can go kicking and screaming. It’s up to you.” You are on a path to wholeness, and your Creator will autocorrect you in ways that can be hard to understand and seemingly painful at times. This is why joy is not possible when we are not living in peace.

The Bible says that the Holy Sprit abides within you.   In any moment, you can choose peace over chaos.   Jesus did not say, “Let’s get you to the gym and tone you up!”, or “I need to see if I can have your record expunged.” He said, “It is finished.” He said, “Come NOW.” He said, “Knock and the door shall be opened!”

My nutrition practice is so spiritually focused because it is my truth… Because I made a mess out of my life, and then God turned it into a miracle. We all have our “soul suppressant” of choice that helps us to see false illusions of light within the darkness. In other words, we are all drug seekers until the Holy Spirit takes over our life. Consider the feeling you get when you overeat – that icky feeling of some bizarre contrast between pleasure and pain – between darkness and light. This same “soul suppressant” can come in the form of dramatic and toxic relationships, gossipy friendships, obsession with work – any noise to distract you from the peace that abides within you!

God thinks so much of you that He sent the Holy Spirit to abide within you! You are worthy of the flourishing of every seed you have planted with loving intentions! Let your light shine upon them, and wait with patience on His perfect timing!

Wishing you peace, love, and light!


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