New Again

Renewal is a thought away!

What a freeing reality! There is an affirmation or prayer that I have come to use often referring to meeting your higher being that simply states, “Today, I pray to be new again.” This prayer/affirmation has been of great comfort to me over the past few months!

Your mind is always there “messing” with you. It is pretty common knowledge that is can hold you hostage with negative thoughts and feelings, telling you that you are not worthy of all you desire – all your soul knows you are worthy of receiving; yet it can also romanticize the past! It will take you back to a time in your life that is not romantic at all and remind you of the “good” that was there. This can mean romanticizing a toxic relationship, but it can also mean romanticizing certain toxic foods that are getting in your way of meeting your physical and spiritual goals! “You know how much you love eating that cheeseburger on Thursday nights; that’s your thing!” The mind will pull every trick in the book to keep you from trusting your soul! It will think you right into a passionless life and hold you prisoner to your own limiting thoughts!

Don’t let your mind romanticize that toxic relationship, food, or situation; and keep you from being your BEING! There is nothing romantic about self-destruction (trust me)! You are worthy of complete and total renewal!

Become aware of your mind! Become new again!

Wishing you love, joy, and renewal in every moment,


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