Journey to Healing

Heal – Health – Whole

What does healing mean to you?  I spent the majority of my life thinking of the term “health” exclusively from a physical point of view.  Exercising 5 days a week, keeping my calories and carbs to a certain number, and imposing any other measurable expectation I wanted to inflict upon myself for that week/month/year to be my “best” self!  The reality of my state of being at that time was that I was falling apart from the inside out – the shiny apple that was rotting at the core.

As my life has been transformed by the Spirit, my understanding of healing and health has expanded.  Healing can be defined as returning to the memory of wholeness.  When we are healthy, we are whole.  When something is whole, it is not comprised of one lone part; it is all-inclusive – the sum of the parts.  There is no need to choose – the choice for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing is one and the same!  It is the choice to live rather than to exist!  That choice transforms us from the inside out!

The foods we bring into our homes and place into our bodies are one of the main factors on our journey to becoming whole.  They influence our emotional and spiritual health and energy as much as they influence our physical health and energy.

What you put into your body is being absorbed by all of your being.  Eating from the earth, mostly plants, is a bonding experience with the Creator.  It can ignite your healing journey and be the catalyst for realigning your spiritual and physical being.  On this path to healing, all of your energy will transform.  Just as surely as cutting off toxic relationships will lighten your burden and allow you to grow, cutting out toxic/processed foods will transform the whole you!

What foods/thoughts/activities are holding you back from returning to the memory of wholeness, and how can you replace them?  Set your intention and then come back to it with compassion as many times as you may need throughout the month, being mindful of your worthiness! The act of bringing awareness to the effects outside factors have on your state of being, whether positive or negative, is the beginning of change! You are worthy of healing and health!

Wishing you joy and peace beyond understanding!


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