Be Still

When you are about to walk through a door and it slams in your face, GIVE THANKS – even if your fingers get caught in it!

We have been taught that if you want something, you make it happen…force it!  We can get caught up in an idea of what our life “should” be, often defining happiness and success in a way that can lead us astray.  A closed door often puts us back on the right path and leads us to seek guidance.  Spending time in silence allows us to begin removing the “noise” and creating the space to begin trusting in our bliss!  As we learn to trust in what our life was created to be (rather than what we think it should be!), we are opening ourselves up to miracles beyond our wildest dreams!

What are some things that may be blocking your connection with your true self – your soul? Fueling with processed foods, chemicals, and other unnatural substances is a common one – shifting your diet to an “eat from the earth” mentality will clear the fog from your brain and assist with clarity. Pursuing meditation and prayer only in times of trouble and disparity is another – God is always there for you during heartache and trouble, and He is there for you in times of joy and happiness!  When we begin fueling our body and soul as they were intended to be, all of the stars begin to align.

Carve our time to be still and sit in silence routinely, just as you would with exercise.  This allows for you to move towards a place of inner peace…where you no longer believe, but you KNOW that all things work to the good of those who love the Him!  You never have to look back.  You never have to question the “what if”!

Where is your routine now?  Can you add “an apple a day” to your routine?  Can you spend 10 minutes in silence to reconnect?  Can you find just a few minutes to enjoy a walk outdoors?  How can you move into your flow and trust in the wisdom of your Creator?  Let go of what’s blocking you!

Eat from the earth, give thanks, and follow your emotional compass to miracles!

Wishing you love, light, and clarity!


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